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Experts in Forensic Psychiatryand Psychology

Fifth Avenue Forensics offers expert forensic psychiatric and psychological evaluations to assist in criminal and civil legal proceedings. Explore our services, learn about our team, and discover our commitment to excellence.

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The Expertise Called Upon By Top Agencies & Private Practices

Welcome to Fifth Avenue Forensics, your trusted partner for evaluations in forensic psychiatry and psychology. Our multidisciplinary team provides scientifically grounded insights that aid in criminal and civil legal proceedings. From criminal competency evaluations to neuropsychological assessments, our work has been instrumental in assisting courts, attorneys, agencies, and individuals to make informed decisions.

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Who We Are

We are a multidisciplinary team of dedicated professionals committed to providing accurate, comprehensive, and impartial assessments. Founded by Dr. Alexander S. Bardey, we stand at the intersection of psychiatry, psychology, and the law, leveraging our combined expertise to contribute to a more equitable justice system.

What We Do

We specialize in a range of forensic evaluations and assessments, including Competency, Psychiatric Defenses, Mitigation, Independent Medical Examinations, Neuropsychological Assessments, Violence Risk Assessments, and more. Our evaluations are thorough, scientifically backed, and tailored to the unique needs of each case, ensuring they stand up to legal scrutiny.


Decades of Experience & Thousands of Evaluations

We are a trusted partner for attorneys, courts, and agencies in the New York Tri-State area and beyond. We have a proven track record in both criminal and civil matters, providing robust findings and delivering expert testimony when needed.

State & Federal Agencies

Our team has a deep-rooted history of providing valuable insights to agencies, such as district attorney's offices, the defense bar, and the courts, to aid in decision-making in complex legal situations.

Private Law Practices

With vast experience serving private practices, we offer evaluations and testimony that help attorneys make informed decisions and build stronger cases for their clients.

Public Safety

Our specialized assessments promote community safety by evaluating individuals' suitability for roles involving public safety responsibilities.


Partner With A Reliable & Compassionate Forensic Expert

Our multidisciplinary team approach ensures that our evaluations are thorough, comprehensive, and objective. We deliver the insights needed to assist in legal proceedings. We are deeply committed to our mission of contributing to a more just and fair legal system through our forensic evaluations.

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It All Starts With A Brief Consultation

Unlock the clarity and insights your case deserves. Let’s take the first step together—because every decision in the courtroom starts with understanding. Don’t wait; your case is too important.