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Alexander Sasha Bardey, MD

Discover the impressive journey of Alexander “Sasha” Bardey, MD, a board-certified forensic psychiatrist in New York City. From Harvard College to Director roles, and respected teaching positions, his broad expertise and commitment shape the field of forensic psychiatry.

Alexander Sasha Bardey, MD

Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist

A Harvard Educated, Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist

Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Bardey is a seasoned professional in the field of forensic psychiatry, a specialty that sits at the crossroads of mental health and law. He is board-certified and operates out of New York City, bringing with him an impressive pedigree that includes a graduation from the prestigious Harvard College, followed by medical school at Stony Brook.

A Harvard Educated, Board Certified Forensic Psychiatrist

Following his medical education, Dr. Bardey honed his skills and knowledge in psychiatry during a four-year residency program at the NYU Medical Center where his exceptional abilities led him to ascend to the role of Deputy Director of Forensic Psychiatry at Bellevue Hospital Center. This experience set the foundation for his future leadership positions, further cementing his commitment to mental health.

From Kendra's Law Program Director to Rikers Island

Dr. Bardey’s experience includes serving as the Director of the Kendra’s Law program in Manhattan, a position that required careful oversight and commitment to community safety. He then took on the formidable task of becoming the Director of Mental Health at Rikers Island, where he navigated the challenging intersection of mental health issues and criminal justice.

A Broad Clinical Practice and Forensic Consultancy

Beyond his extensive roles within the academic and public sectors, Dr. Bardey also maintains a private clinical practice. Here, he treats a diverse range of psychiatric disorders, extending his expertise and compassion to his patients. Concurrently, he operates a private forensic practice, providing invaluable consultations to attorneys, prosecutor’s offices, and courts within the New York Tri-State area at both a state and federal level.

Published Author, Lecturer, and Respected Educator

A recognized authority in his field, Dr. Bardey has published and lectured extensively in the areas of forensic psychiatry, malingering, and dangerousness. His academic prowess extends to teaching positions on the faculty of NYU Medical Center and New York Medical College, where he imparts his wisdom and experience to aspiring professionals in the field.

A Trusted Advisor and Current Director Role

Dr. Bardey’s expertise has not gone unnoticed. He has served as an advisor and psychiatrist to Brooklyn’s Mental Health Court, and to the Nassau County Department of Mental Health Kendra’s Law program and Mental Health Court. Currently, he holds the esteemed position of Director of Forensic Psychiatry for the Nassau County Department of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Developmental Disabilities.

An Extraordinary Journey, An Unwavering Commitment

Dr. Alexander “Sasha” Bardey’s extraordinary journey through the field of forensic psychiatry underscores his unwavering commitment to mental health and the law. His extensive qualifications, combined with his wealth of experience and deep understanding of the complexities of the field, make him a force to be reckoned with in forensic psychiatry.

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