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Edward Fernandez, Psy. D.

Meet Dr. Fernandez, an expert in clinical psychology and forensic mental health at Fifth Avenue Forensics. Discover his academic accomplishments, clinical expertise, and contributions to forensic mental health education.

Edward Fernandez, Psy. D.

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Doctor of Psychology & Forensic Mental Health Expert

Dr. Fernandez is a distinguished figure in the realm of clinical and forensic psychology. His deep understanding of psychological evaluations, substance use, and the intricate intersection of mental health and the legal system makes him an invaluable asset to the Fifth Avenue Forensics team.

Illustrious Academic Achievements

Beginning his academic journey at Connecticut College, Dr. Fernandez pursued a rigorous path that led to a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on substance use from New School University. His quest for deeper understanding and excellence culminated in earning a Doctorate of Psychology from Alliant International University, CSPP.

Acute Clinical Expertise & Outpatient Care

Post his graduate accomplishments, Dr. Fernandez underwent intensive training in acute psychiatric settings, including at the North Central Bronx Hospital. His skills and dedication soon found him a pivotal role as an adult outpatient psychologist at Lincoln Medical and Mental Health Center.

Pioneering Forensic Mental Health Interventions

Beyond his roles in structured clinical settings, Dr. Fernandez practiced individual therapy sessions in his thriving private practice. He also performed comprehensive psychological evaluations, notably for justice-involved clients. His expertise led him to a leadership role as the Clinical Director at EAC Queens TASC Mental Health Diversion Program, closely collaborating with the Queens Supreme Court - a role he held for many years.

Educator & Beacon in Forensic Mental Health

Dr. Fernandez's dedication to the field transcends beyond practice. He has taken up the mantle of educator, currently sharing his wealth of knowledge at John Jay College for Criminal Justice within their MA program for Forensic Mental Health Counseling.

A Path Marked by Excellence and Dedication

Dr. Fernandez’s remarkable odyssey in clinical psychology and forensic mental health signifies his steadfast dedication to understanding the mind within the legal framework. His impressive academic credentials, coupled with a rich tapestry of hands-on experience and an intuitive grasp of the field’s intricacies, position him as a luminary in the world of forensic mental health.

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