Fifth Avenue Forensics

A Legacy of Excellence in Forensic Psychiatry

At the heart of Fifth Avenue Forensics is our dedicated team and our enduring commitment to excellence in the field of forensic psychiatry. Our practice was founded on the premise that rigorous, empirical analysis can meaningfully contribute to legal proceedings and ensure a more equitable justice system. Our methodology is uniquely robust in offering a multi-disciplinary approach to medical-legal problem solving.

Dr. Alexander Sasha Bardey, Our Founder

Our journey started with Dr. Bardey, a renowned forensic psychiatrist with a stellar career spanning over three decades.

After graduating from Harvard College and attending medical school at Stony Brook, Dr. Bardey completed his psychiatry residency at NYU Medical Center. He served in several leadership roles, including Deputy Director of Forensic Psychiatry at NYU Medical Center and Director of Mental Health at Rikers Island.

Today, he stands as the Director of Forensic Psychiatry for the Nassau County Department of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Developmental Disabilities, shaping our practice with his unparalleled expertise and leadership.

A Commitment to Expertise

Fifth Avenue Forensics isn't just a practice; it's a beacon of expertise in the field of forensic psychiatry. With our multidisciplinary team's vast knowledge and experience, we conduct comprehensive assessments, deliver expert testimony, and provide robust findings in both civil and criminal legal proceedings. Our history is built on numerous successful cases, making us a trusted partner for attorneys, courts, and agencies in the New York Tri-State area and beyond.

Where Science Meets Law

At Fifth Avenue Forensics, we are passionate about bridging the gap between science and law. Our commitment to rigorous methodologies and scientific integrity means that our evaluations provide robust and objective insights that stand up to legal scrutiny. Whether it's an individual or an institution, we are here to help navigate the complex intersection of psychology and legal proceedings with precision and ease.