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Fifth Avenue Forensics’ Experience

At Fifth Avenue Forensics, our experience in forensic psychiatry and psychology spans across serving agencies, private practices, and individuals, making us leaders in the industry.

A Legacy of Excellence in Forensic Psychiatry & Psychology

At Fifth Avenue Forensics, our reputation in the industry is built upon a solid foundation of extensive and diversified experience.

As a leader in forensic psychiatry and psychology, our multidisciplinary team has conducted hundreds of comprehensive, scientifically-based assessments to provide critical opinions that have shaped outcomes in countless legal proceedings.

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Our Expertise: Agencies, Private Practice, and Individuals

Our team’s expertise spans across the spectrum, serving agencies, private practices, and individuals alike. This vast experience has equipped us with a nuanced understanding of a myriad of psycho-legal issues. It’s also allowed us to develop a robust and sophisticated toolkit that ensures our evaluations are not only thorough but also cater to the unique needs of our diverse client base.

Private Law Firms

With vast experience serving private practices, we offer evaluations and testimony that help attorneys make informed decisions and build stronger cases for their clients.

State & Federal Agencies

Our team has a deep-rooted history of providing valuable insights to agencies, such as district attorneys’ offices and courts, to aid in decision-making in complex legal situations.

Public Defenders

Our commitment to serving individuals ensures that we bring empathy, professionalism, and scientific rigor to every personal case we handle.

Public Safety

Our specialized assessments promote community safety by evaluating individuals' suitability for roles involving public safety responsibilities.

Social Service Organizations

Collaborative evaluations aid social service organizations in understanding complex dynamics, fostering strategies for individual and family welfare.

Nonprofit Organizations

Our tailored evaluations empower nonprofit organizations with informed decision-making, supporting their missions and community well-being.

Office of Court Administration

We partner with the Office of Court Administration, contributing insights that enhance justice administration through comprehensive evaluations.

A Team with Extensive Experience

Our team comprises professionals who are leaders in their respective fields, with a wealth of experience in various aspects of forensic psychiatry and psychology. This diversity in expertise enables us to provide high-quality services across a wide range of areas.

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