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Last updated: October 19, 2023

Confidentiality Policy


At Fifth Avenue Forensics, we understand that confidentiality is paramount to our clients. This Confidentiality Policy outlines our commitment to safeguarding the information you share with us.


This policy applies to all client data, both digital and physical, that we collect or hold in the course of our professional engagements. This includes, but is not limited to, personal information, psychiatric evaluations, and any legal documents shared with us.

Data Collection and Storage

We collect data strictly for the purposes of conducting evaluations, providing professional opinions, and fulfilling our contractual obligations. All data are securely stored in encrypted formats, accessible only to authorized personnel.

Client-Professional Privilege

As healthcare providers involved in the legal process, we recognize and adhere to the legal protections afforded to the information shared between clients and professionals. Client information is considered confidential and privileged unless explicit consent for disclosure is provided or if disclosure is required by law.

Data Sharing

We do not share your information with third parties without your explicit consent, except in cases where we are legally obliged to do so (e.g., in response to a court order).

Employee Training

All our employees and consultants undergo regular training on confidentiality and data protection policies to ensure compliance.

Security Measures

We employ various security measures, including password protection and secure storage solutions, to protect your data from unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure.

Breach Notification

In the unlikely event of a data breach, we will notify affected clients in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Changes to This Policy

We may update this policy periodically to reflect changes in legal or regulatory requirements. Any changes will be posted on our website, and where appropriate, we will notify you by email.

Contact Us

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